Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Season Preview

Season Preview

With the season under way after this weeks Fry's.com open, many players are looking to persevere some of last seasons golf, however others are looking to turn their form around. Rory Mcilroy is certainly one of those players. Having come out of last season with zero wins and four missed cuts in nineteen tournaments, we should expect a lot more from him this season. Another player who will be seeking a good start to the season would be Lee Westwood, poor form last season left him 35th in the FedEx Cup, missing out on the Tour Championship, something that the former world number one would not have hoped for. These are just few examples of players who will be hoping for a better season than the last. Who will be this season's star?

Henrik Stenson- Coming off an incredibly consistent season, with ten top 25s all season and winning the huge jackpot of $11million at the end of the season winning the Tour Championship. A player who always had a lot of potential, but never found a consistent streak until last season, can he keep it up?

Tiger Woods- Although Tiger didn't leave East Lake with another major in his grasp, some would argue he has had one of the best season's he's ever had. With the competition so fierce this year, he still won seven tournaments in one season. I know it's Tiger Woods, but that is still incredible. With the season up and running, don't be surprised if Tiger bags a major. I think this is Tiger's year for the Masters.

Phil Mickelson- What a season Lefty had, winning the one major he always wanted to win in such a ridiculous way, shooting a final round 66 in incredibly tough conditions. Having won two tournaments last season and consistent golf throughout, I think Phil is in for a great season.

Hideki Matsuyama- Although his season didn't finish with the best stats, he found some top form towards the end of the season at the Wyndham Championship and of course the President's Cup. He put the first points on the board for his team after winning two of the last three holes in the first fourball session against Webb Simpson and Bill Haas, sticking his approach shot to 18 within inches. He has then gone onto coming third in the season opener the Frys.com Open. Definitely my wild card to watch this season.

Matsuyama celebrating a 15ft putt with his caddy

Gaelan Trew Predictions:

Gaelan picked five players he thought was going to succeed this season:

1.     Jordan Speith
-     The young Texan who has taken the PGA tour by storm. To me he doesn’t look like slowing down either. Full of confidence, cool as a cucumber, and with a win already under his belt he will be one to watch, not only at the regular events but also in the majors. He has proven his adaptability with good finishes in events ranging from the Fedex cup to the Open championship.

2.     Tiger Woods
-     He has been judged on his ability to win majors and this may have put a damper on his 5 wins and 8 top tens in 2013. He showed some of the best golf he’s played tee to green but just needs to find some consistency. When he does, bring on the majors.

3.     Greame Mcdowell
-     Another player who was inconsistent throughout 2013. With 3 wins and a whole bunch of rubbish, when it does come right we will see him back at the top. Definitely one to watch.

4.     Greame Deleat
-     Coming in strong from a good Fedex cup and an almost flawless presidents cup he has the game and the potential to make it big in 2014.

5.     Webb Simpson
-     Another player that showed form in the Presidents cup. It was much needed after nabbing the spot from in form Jim Furyk. He needs to find his way around the greens a little bit better and then he will be back on the TV screens.

Players he thought you should keep your betting hands off:

1.     Henrik Stenson
- Like any mere mortal Henrik Stenson will be dubious about being about to top the season he has had. His expectations will be higher and that won’t help his already hot temper when things go bad. I don’t see him securing a win in 2014

2.     Luke Donald
- Still having problems with the long game and short. Have seen nothing to prove he will be better next year from the end of this season. Who knows, but the odds are against it.

3.     Jason Dufner
- After his major win there’s nowhere else but down in my opinion. His long game is top notch but he would need to get a grip of the nervy short putts, which he hasn’t been making.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

West Sussex School Invitational

Wellington Team- 

Maxime Saxena (c), Jack Sallis, Daniel List and Gaelan Trew

Daniel's approach shot to the 18th hole
Going into the West Sussex School's Invitational, Wellington were the clear favourites to grab the title having won this trophy two times in the last three years. Further to this we fielded a great side with a combined handicap of 5. However the weather did not turn out as we would have hoped; as a result opening the possibility of other schools giving us a run for our money. Jack Sallis and Gaelen Trew were Wellington's A team teeing off the first tee in horrendous conditions. The umbrellas were certainly up. The opening hole got the guys off to a great start, after Gaelen holed a 25ft slider for birdie, grabbing the team an early 3 points.

Team B- Dan List with Maxime Saxena on the 5th Tee
However on the other side off the course, Dan and Maxime's round did not get off to a great start. The conditions had clearly got to them. Opening the round with a mix of bogeys and double bogeys, left Team B +8 through just five holes. However things started to look much brighter for them when they forced a birdie on their 6th hole (having started on the back nine). They were soon let down by finishing the back nine with two bogeys, with poor short game from the both of them. They started the back nine with atrocious weather, but were still focused on turning a bad day around.

On the other side of the course Jack and Gaelen were stacking up the points with 8 points through the first four holes. However their concentration slipped on the fifth green after Jack stuck a 6 iron to 15ft at the difficult par 3. But a 3 putt shortly followed after Jacks 2ft putt horse-shoed back to his feet. Their next few holes did not go down so well, playing out of the heather on both occasions carding two bogeys. Meanwhile Daniel and Maxime had got off to a great start on their 10th hole sinking a short putt for birdie followed by 3 pars. Finally getting some momentum they birdied their 17th and 18th holes, returning to the clubhouse with a very good finish, gaining the team 30 points. Whereas Jack and Gaelen's round was extremely inconsistent with a run of birdies and bogeys, they kept Wellington in the balance.

The conditions were definitely the main factor affecting the poor scoring out on the course, but a solid round from both teams, defying the torrential conditions coming out with 59 points and another trophy for Wellington. Although the scoring does not reflect good golf, taking the conditions into consideration, 59 points was a very good result.

A good performance from Jack, Gaelen, Maxime and Daniel won a great scratch performance for Wellington College. Special thanks to Mr. Henderson for driving, coaching and supporting the team

Good teamwork managed to keep them going through the
wind and rain. Jack (L) Gaelen (R)

Photo's taken by Alex Wilkinson

Saturday, 14 September 2013

What's the matter Lee?

Is all lost?

The question on everybody's tongue at the moment, "Will Westwood ever win a major?". Although in recent times, Phil Mickelson has proven that it is possible to win a major once you've surpassed the age of forty, some would think Lee has a few more years in him. So the question that should be on people's mind is whether he has got the right attitude to do so.

Another Major slips from his grasp
Everyone who plays, watches or merely acknowledges golf knows that Lee Westwood is one of the best out there. The start of his professional career, in 1996, sparked everyones attention after winning his first professional tournament, the Scandinavian Masters. He certainly has the quality to go out there and bring back a major trophy. But looking back at recent attitudes towards his performance at the big ones, it just isn't right. His most recent of antics being his response on Twitter, cursing his fans and reacting to comments that he should not have, this was not the professional way to act. This goes on the list with his response after his final round 75 at the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield, "I don't really get disappointed with golf anymore". This response came with a rather unfazed reaction to "losing" his best major opportunity. 

Lee, struggling this week with neck and back issues, left him stone cold second last after round 1 at Conway Farms. He finished round 2 with an overall +11. This has left him with a projected spot of 41 in the Fed Ex Cup, which will be another disappointing end to the season if he does not make it to East Lake.


Lee has had very many opportunities to capitalise on a major championship, but has failed on many occasions to polish off a major weekend. He's been in the top three on five occasions at the big ones due to his remarkable ball striking and long game, yet he is still without a major. We all know that he is overly capable of snatching up a major, but in my opinion it will never happen until he changes his psychological side of the game. I think his move to Palm Beach was a step in the right direction but he is still has a lot to change to win one. One change of course would be to get his short game fixed, with a recent move to Sean Foley, the corrections may start soon. As Mcilroy stated earlier in the year, to win a major you must be playing your best golf for all four days with a few lucky breaks. It honestly is exceptionally hard to win one of the big four, but on a personal level, I do not think he is giving himself much of a chance.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Concerns for Tiger

Major Problems

The 14-time major champion seems to be struggling to capitalise on good form and momentum. It's extremely hard to be believe that it has been 6 years since Tiger won the 2008 US open, slowly grimacing over the line with a torn ligament in his left knee. However in the most recent of majors, there was something different to the build up to Oak Hill. After shooting an incredible 61 at Firestone to win his 8th WGC title there, the galleries in Pittsford may have been hoping for him to give them goosebumps like he did at his prime; this could not have been further from the truth.

After shooting an opening round 71 (+1), Tiger complains
that the greens were "spotty".

Tiger's opening round was the story of his whole week. Although on a personal level he feels like he played some solid golf, the statistics spoke over his words. Having hit only 60% of fairways and 50% of greens, the opening round of 71 was much less surprising. Although he can argue that the conditions were out of place for a major competition, the golfing public were holding higher hopes. Feeling more relaxed going into the second round having been a few steps of the pace, he came out with an impressive 70, level par. Although the scores were not much different, the golf was played to a much higher standard. However his chances on the weekend were few and far between. Closing round 3 with a 73, his chances for major number 15 were almost likely over. But he was a able to have a easy round to finish with the cameras off him and he closed out with a final round 70.

This weekend performance capped a full 3 year drought of no under par rounds on the weekend at Majors. He ended 2013 as he did in 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009; Without a major. He still waits patiently for the elusive number 15.
Comment after tournament:
"that's golf"

When Tiger was asked about what he thought went wrong after the poor week, his reply was blunt and simple "that's golf". He swiftly moved on to the next question, trying to get out and move on as quickly as he could. But the question is, what if this major performance run will never produce a green jacket, a Wanamaker trophy, a US open or his favourite of all, the Claret Jug? Is he going to conquer weekend nerves or end his career on 14 majors? On a personal level I would love to see him bring back Jack's record, but is he capable?




Saturday, 7 September 2013


Just thought I'd use my first blog to introduce who I am. I joined Wellington College in September 2010 and I am now currently in the Lower 6th. The reason I started this blog is because I have a passion for golf and want to pursue a career in golf journalism when I am older. When I first started Wellington I disliked the sport and only just started to show interest at the age of 13. For most top quality golfers this would be considered a late time to start the sport but since then I have become addicted and been cut down to a 12 handicap. I do not play for the College first team, but I am going to  follow them around give a detailed report on the top matches that are played. I also may post some of my thoughts about the shenanigans that happen on tour.

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